About Us

Who We Are

KORUS INTERIOR was formed on February 2008 and is growing rapidly throughout the past 6 years. The company has set its believes to understand and to study client’s requirement in order to create a functional, productive and innovative space which could eventually serves for each individual and organizational purposes

What We Do

KORUS TEAM is set up by a group of dynamic staff with skills, integrity, and passion. They are committed to make difference and to provide consistent services and quality products for the best of your shop fitting

Interior Design Space Planning
Conceptual Design, Drafting & Visual, Finishes & Furnishing

Build and Interior Fit-out Works
Site Survey, Budget Estimation, Contract & Procurement, Building Administration, Site Supervision
Project Management & Design Shop Drawings


“The main value of Korus is that of human adventure. It is through the intuition, the skills, intelligence and courage of men and women that we create things and share our riches. And it is these riches that I want to share and grow with you” By Founder, Charles Marcolin

Our Services

We are to understand the clientele and basic needs of your project to guide us in drafting strategies of space planning, interior concept and design, technical factor, feasibility studies and relevance of budgeting. We also take consideration on the constraints and obstacle to resolve during the deployment of project

Sketches and visuals are the initial approaches to communicate with you and to help you understand every aspects of the proposal. Our design team also responsible in sourcing out finishes, furniture, textiles, lighting and all related civil works. At the time being, the costing will kept under control by our Contract and Procurement Department

At this stage, the Korus team will start coordinating and conduct technical and architectural surveys before works begins on fitting out your commercial or tertiary premises. Our Project Department will be managing any administrative dossier and permits required for fitting out points of sale or office meanwhile we will be on hand to manage a group of professional sub-contractors and workers to construct your project upon authorization

Our high-experienced Project Manager will be your right hand man to keep track on your project and make sure it will be handed over within due date. They will be the men to contact all sub-contractors and the one closely inspecting the site to ensure everything is built as per shop drawings and specification. Before handing over, we take charge on site cleaning and all necessary defection so it is well prepared for you to occupy

International Partners

FVA AGENCY www.i-fva.com
KORUS FRANCE www.korus.fr